Monday, September 17, 2012

Summer Update

Sorry it's been awhile since I blogged. I am not very good at keeping everyone updated. We had a very eventful summer. Ryan got a job offer in Virginia for the 7 weeks that he was off school so he went there and stayed at his parents house and worked. I unfortunately had to stay here for most of the 7 week break because of my work but I did get to have a vacation to Virginia! So here is the low down of what happened there...

Lake Anna- Wake boarding with Trevor, Kristen and Kirra

Shopping at Potomac Mills with Kristen and Kirra. It was so nice just having us two... we shopped until we dropped and then she did my hair and had dinner and ice cream with us :) fun fun day!

Washington D.C with Ryan, Brandon and Lia

Virginia Beach with Trevor, Kristen and Kirra

So as you see we had a very eventful summer! Just full of fun fun fun!!! The last of our news is that while Ryan was in VA he bought me a surprise..........

We now have a husky named Oliver. He is two years old and still in training but very friendly to everyone! He is going to be staying with Ryan's mom and dad until we leave Rexburg and get settled. :)

Ryan is in his last semester and is working hard this semester to finish. We are not sure where we are going after this but Ryan has been applying to many jobs so we are just waiting to see what happens! I am still working full time at the Plasma Center and still really enjoying it. We are doing well and will let you know our future plans as they get settled!


  1. OMG A HUSKY I AM SO JEALOUS!!! How adorable! So excited for your future! <3

  2. I loved reading this update! Hopefully Ryan's job will bring you closer to us. :) You look great Brit! Glad you guys are doing well!

  3. Ok, so it has been WAY TOO LONG since you've updated this...........and you have stuff going on that I want to read about! Come'on girl! Update us on baby and house stuff! Make me jealous! haha