Thursday, April 24, 2014

Life as a Mommy!

Well I decided it would be a good idea for me to start up blogging again! I feel like its a good way to write down my thoughts and hopefully keep you all updated with our wonderful crazy life. Well being a mom now for the past 10 months has made me an expert.....or not. Haha. What a wonderful learning experience I have been going through. I mean you get this little guy on a nice schedule than BAM!!! he decides he doesn't want that anymore. So it's back to late night feedings and early morning wake up calls. Then on little sleep you start over and help him get back onto a different schedule. :) through all this though I would and never ever will give up my role as his mother. I love my Easton more than words can describe. I mean you love your family and won't trade them for anything and then you meet your better half and your heart is so full of love! But nothing can describe what it feels like to hold your baby for the first time and then start seeing them grow. Your heart is so full you fill like it will burst. :) it's the best feeling ever. Ryan and I have have that wonderful feeling with being parents. We have learned a lot and we both know there is still so much to learn as we continue down our path.

Arizona is treating us well. It's hot!! So somedays I wonder how we will survive this heat. Then I remember we have a pool right in our back yard that, as I am typing, is being redone! We can't wait for the finished product and the fun pool/grilling parties we will have this summer (anyone wanting to come and enjoy this with us fill free to visit). Ryan is busy busy with work. He is such a hard worker and does everything he can to provide for Easton and I. What an awesome man we have. I am home with Easton and babysit my cousins little boy (at least for the next month). We spend our days playing, watching a few shows, learning our abcs, reading books and playing at the park or going on walks! Easton is growing like a weed. I can't believe he will be a year in June. Wow does time really fly. He has such a funny personality. He has the prettiest blue eyes and a very bald head (he is starting to get some hair if you look really close). His smile makes anyone's day turn right side up and he crawls all over. The best is when he really wants to get somewhere he goes so fast trying to find you or get to his toy. We call his crawl the Mowgli crawl. We are looking forward to celebrating his first birthday and taking a few trips this summer (got to get out of the heat and go to the cooler states).

Hope you have enjoyed this update! Here are some fun pics for you to enjoy! Until next time!

                 Us in our Easter best!
    He loves drinking out of my cup!
   Chilling with daddy in the back of the car
   He tries to eat the rocks when we put him on
                               the sidewalk
     Him with that cute cute smile!
      Enjoying our day at the park!
  His attempt to put his own pjs on!
  Just loving the sippy cup! He is a pro.
               (notice his crossed legs)
  Family photo at the temple after
              Heidi and Matt's sealing.
              My good looking boys!
                   I am one lucky lady!
               Our handsome Easton!
                     (look at those eyes)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Arizona Adventures!

Ryan and I just moved to Arizona at the end of December. Ryan had gotten a job at Honeywell in Phoenix and so that is what brought us here. We are both working and just enjoying the sun and new adventures we have had. We made new friends when we lived in our apartment and then were very blessed to find a wonderful house in a wonderful ward. We just moved in and already feel like we are home. This house is the perfect starter home with lots of projects for us to do! It's been so great so far. :) everyday it's exciting to see what's going to happen next! Here are some pics of the new house. I didn't do the bedrooms but we have a master bedroom, the babies room and a spare room. Also there isn't much decorating done cause I haven't gotten the chance to. And our front yard will be looking a lot better... in the process of pulling all the weeds and making it look nice! :) again a project home but we love it!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First came love! Then came marriage! Then came....

Baby boy 27 weeks!
Baby Boy!
So I know everyone knows that we are expecting a baby boy on June 10th but per request I am updating my blog and sharing with you this wonderful blessing that will be joining our family! Ryan and I are very excited and it has been great to see him developing and we can't wait until we finally get to meet him.
28 weeks! 

27 weeks!
25 weeks!
23 weeks!
18 weeks!
17 weeks
16 weeks!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Summer Update

Sorry it's been awhile since I blogged. I am not very good at keeping everyone updated. We had a very eventful summer. Ryan got a job offer in Virginia for the 7 weeks that he was off school so he went there and stayed at his parents house and worked. I unfortunately had to stay here for most of the 7 week break because of my work but I did get to have a vacation to Virginia! So here is the low down of what happened there...

Lake Anna- Wake boarding with Trevor, Kristen and Kirra

Shopping at Potomac Mills with Kristen and Kirra. It was so nice just having us two... we shopped until we dropped and then she did my hair and had dinner and ice cream with us :) fun fun day!

Washington D.C with Ryan, Brandon and Lia

Virginia Beach with Trevor, Kristen and Kirra

So as you see we had a very eventful summer! Just full of fun fun fun!!! The last of our news is that while Ryan was in VA he bought me a surprise..........

We now have a husky named Oliver. He is two years old and still in training but very friendly to everyone! He is going to be staying with Ryan's mom and dad until we leave Rexburg and get settled. :)

Ryan is in his last semester and is working hard this semester to finish. We are not sure where we are going after this but Ryan has been applying to many jobs so we are just waiting to see what happens! I am still working full time at the Plasma Center and still really enjoying it. We are doing well and will let you know our future plans as they get settled!