Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Camping in the Tetons

The week after school got out we went camping in the Tetons with Anthon & Jenelle and the Johnson's (Jenelle's family). It is so pretty there and besides the sunburns and many mosquito bites we had a great time! The first day we got there we set up camp and went for a hike. The hike was to this beautiful waterfall! 

On this wonderful hike we saw a MOOSE!! It was just eating by the water and we were, no joke, 10 feet away from it. It was so awesome! 

The next few days after the hike we went canoeing into the back country to do some camping. It was so cool and my first time on a canoeing trip! The down side to this was there were so many mosquitos that we felt we were getting eaten alive. We actually went to bed early just to get away from them. We were by a lake and got to even swim in it! Freezing water but worth feeling a little cleaner. haha. 

To end the week we canoed down the snake river! It was a great relaxing ride! We had a blast, and I can't wait to go camping again! 
Another thing to add... the boys, Ryan & Anthon chopped a lot of wood for our fires! They became experts.