Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fun In The Sun :)

So last week we had some beautiful days so we decided to take advantage of the wonderful sun and do things outside. On friday we went hiking with Anthon and Jenelle on the R mountain. It was a pretty tough hike but we made it to the top! Ryan and I ran down to the bottom, though I was scared the whole time doing it, we had fun!

Then the next morning on Saturday we went rock climbing. It was us, Anthon & Jenelle, and Jordan. The boys picked a hard spot this time so Jenelle and I only made it half way up. I was glad just to make it that far with how hard it was. It was a way fun morning though!
 Jordan, Anthon & Ryan

Me & Jenelle

Anthon Climbing

Jordan Climbing

Me Climbing

 Jenelle Climbing

Ryan Climbing 

Anthon & Jenelle

Me & Ryan