Monday, March 28, 2011

Busch Gardens

On March 26th we went to Busch Gardens. Opening Day! It is a huge amusement park with 4 different really big roller coasters and shows. It has the theme of different countries in Europe. Like Italy, Ireland, Germany, and England. Ryan and I went with his mom and brother Brandon. It was such a cold day which meant not very many people went and we got through the lines so quickly. It was the best!
So here we are at the entrance.
The first roller coaster ride we went on was Apollos Chariot. Which is behind us in this picture.

Then we went on Alpengeist, Griffon and Lockness Monster. 

We went to two different shows there! The first one was a Celtic show which was amazing!! Then the other one was called Mix it Up. It was a band dressed up as chefs. They were really good! 

The park was just so amazing with awesome buildings! 

 Ryan got his hand stuck in a trees nose! hahaha :)

Ryan really wanted to go on the water ride so he convinced Brandon to go with him! They got wet but had fun doing it! 

To end the day we had to get Funnel Cakes of course... we got one's that had caramel on them! They were delicious! It was an amazing day and we had so much fun!  The End! :) 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Wonderful Day in NEW YORK CITY!

Ryan and I decided we needed to get out of Manassas for a day and do something fun. So what's better than making a trip to NEW YORK CITY?! Nothing. I booked our tickets just 6 days before we went. We decided to take the bus there since it would be faster and save on gas. We needed to be in Arlington, VA at 6:40am so we woke up around 4:30 and got ready for our big day.
Here is where we the bus picked us up at...

The bus dropped us off right downtown in front of Macy's. The perfect place to start our long fun day of walking. The first place we went was the Empire State Building. We had only a 25-30 min wait to get up to the top. We were so high up but it was an awesome view and we loved going up! Here we are there...
Then we walked all the way to the Statue of Liberty! It was a really long walk but so fun. :) On the way there we saw some cool things. The arch in Washington Square Park had lots of people sitting around and also people performing. It was a fun place. Here we are walking to the Statue and at the Statue... 

Now it was time to walk back to where we got dropped off. So on our way back we walked down wall street... 

 Then we walked all the way to Times Square on Broadway! This was way cool to see...

We then ate the Famous New York Pizza! Yummy!
We then went back to Macy's and walked around there for a little bit. Ryan wanted to go on every floor, there ended up being 8 and a cellar! :) So fun! We then went outside and waited for our bus to come. It picked us up at 6:40pm and then back to home! It was an amazing day! We had fun and plan to go back sometime to do Central Park and the Zoo!! :)

On the way home Ryan listened to the BYU game! I tried listening too but fell asleep in the middle of it. They won which made Ryan happy. We were exhausted so we ended up sleeping the rest of the way home. What a great day!! THE END! :)