Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trip to Manassas

Ryan and I decided to go to Manassas for the winter semester so he could do an internship and work at his old job. We started our trip from my parents house in Utah and drove 2 whole days to his parents house in Manassas VA. We had many gas and food stops a long the way and stayed in a Super 8 the night we stopped. It was quite the adventure ending up with Ryan getting pulled over in a 25 mph speed zone at like 11 at night. Pretty ridiculous right? Thats what we thought. We finally made it! We are now staying in the Lee's house until April. Ryan is working full time at his internship for FruCon and part time for his boss Tony. I am working as well at a day care where right now I am part time but should soon be getting full time. I also babysit for families on the side! We are in the Manassas 2nd ward and have been called to teach in the primary! We have the 4 year olds and so far they are a blast to teach. We are having lots of fun and working hard to get ready to head back to Rexburg come April!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wedding & Honeymoon

Ryan & Brittany Lee! We were married Dec. 18, 2010 in the Logan, Ut Temple. It was an amazing day filled with laughter, joy and snow! The one day of the week that it decided to snow was of course on our wedding day, something I had been wishing wouldn't happen since we set our date. Despite the horrible weather family members and friends came to celebrate with us. We are so grateful for them and for the great day that they made for us. We went on our honeymoon to Park City where we went to a play, went shopping at the outlets, ate at a super fancy restaurant that neither of us would have ever walked into, and the best, went skiing for a day! We had so much fun! Skiing was the reason we wanted to go to Park City. We had both never skied before so we thought it would be fun to learn. Ryan is a snowboarder but ended up being a good skier as well. We decided not to do lessons and learn on our own which ended up being a good idea because we picked it up pretty quickly. Ryan helped me a lot even though he was learning himself. I fell a lot at first and really wanted to give up... he kept encouraging and I kept going. Our last run we went all the way to the top and skiied all the way down. I only fell once! It was such a great day and we can't wait to go back and also make it one of our family hobbies :)