Thursday, March 21, 2013

Arizona Adventures!

Ryan and I just moved to Arizona at the end of December. Ryan had gotten a job at Honeywell in Phoenix and so that is what brought us here. We are both working and just enjoying the sun and new adventures we have had. We made new friends when we lived in our apartment and then were very blessed to find a wonderful house in a wonderful ward. We just moved in and already feel like we are home. This house is the perfect starter home with lots of projects for us to do! It's been so great so far. :) everyday it's exciting to see what's going to happen next! Here are some pics of the new house. I didn't do the bedrooms but we have a master bedroom, the babies room and a spare room. Also there isn't much decorating done cause I haven't gotten the chance to. And our front yard will be looking a lot better... in the process of pulling all the weeds and making it look nice! :) again a project home but we love it!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First came love! Then came marriage! Then came....

Baby boy 27 weeks!
Baby Boy!
So I know everyone knows that we are expecting a baby boy on June 10th but per request I am updating my blog and sharing with you this wonderful blessing that will be joining our family! Ryan and I are very excited and it has been great to see him developing and we can't wait until we finally get to meet him.
28 weeks! 

27 weeks!
25 weeks!
23 weeks!
18 weeks!
17 weeks
16 weeks!