Monday, February 27, 2012

What's going on in the Lee family?

We are still in Rexburg and just found out that Ryan will be able to graduate in December, then we will be out of here and on to a new adventure. Ryan is in school working super hard. He also ref's basketball for the school and works for a small business a couple hours a week fixing printers. I graduated in December!! :) I got a bachelors degree in Health Science. I am now working at the Rexburg Plasma Center as a Donor Processor and loving it. I have been there now for a month and have learned a lot. We are staying super busy but loving life! We both have callings in the ward. Ryan is still 2nd counselor in the Elder's Quorum and I am the Compassionate Service Leader. We love where we are living and our ward. We have made some awesome friends and its been so great. I don't really have any pics to post so I will do that as soon as I get some. :) Until next time! -The Lee's