Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Ryan and I had a great weekend filled with family, friends and fun! We went down on Saturday to my parents house and went camping for the weekend for our family reunion. It was a blast! Horse riding, four wheeling, hotdogs and smores by the fire and lots of memories!

 Chelsy & Ryan ready for our ride

 Me getting ready to ride

 Chelsy & Ryan riding bareback. We both rode bareback for the first time! 

 Me with Taycie

Us with Alaina 

 Ryan getting the fire going

 Smile :)

 Its going! Allie kept throwing things in and knocking the wood over. 
It was funny and we had to tell her that she could do it after it was all built. 

 Allie and Me

At the fire! We all told our favorite memories and ate smores!

We had such a fun time with the family! :) We are making a tradition to have a family reunion every year since our family is starting to get bigger! We always have so much fun together! :) 

After the family reunion we can back home Monday morning to get some stuff done before heading to Idaho Falls for fireworks. We decide to go to Cafe Rio for dinner and it was yummy. Anthon and Jenelle came with us and we decided to pass the time before fireworks we would go to a movie. So we went and saw the new Transformers. It was awesome! Then fireworks time! :) They were so awesome and lasted a long time! It was a fabulous night! 
 Ryan and I!

 Anthon & Jenelle