Thursday, June 2, 2011

Docking 2011

The Young family has a tradition that every memorial day we go Docking. For those of you who don't know what docking is.. it is castrating sheep. It has to be done every year and so we have a get together to have lunch with all the family. It was Ryan's first time and he did really well! So we went up to Promontory and had a day of docking. It was really windy and cold and then when we were all ready to eat it starting pouring and hailing. We all ate in our cars and under a canape. Here are some pics....

 Ryan Docking


More of Ryan 

Me and Mom (it was her birthday) 

The Girls Showing Their Best Sides  

He is doing so good!  

Me with our niece Taycie  

 Ryan and I when he was done

 GROSS!!! :)

Ryan with our nieces Alaina & Marlee  

 You can kind of see the rain coming done... It got so miserable 

Maybe next year I will try to do it too.... Maybe :)