Friday, April 22, 2011

Our New Apartment!!

We just moved into our first apartment, in Rexburg Idaho. We live at a place called Hyde Park Apartments and live on the top floor. Its fun to decorate and use all of our new things we got from our wedding! We went and bought a couch, bed and table. It was fun picking them out and now our apartment looks great! I even did a little decorating.

This is our bed, we got it here in Rexburg. The quilt on it was made by my sister Kayli! We love it.

Here is our living room with our couches and coffee table! I put up pics from the wedding, it looks really nice.

Here is our kitchen! Its been fun to cook for Ryan. We also have had some friends over that I cooked for!

And our new table! We love this a lot :)

Our bathroom!

And Ryan's favorite... our office with his new desk and chair!

We are excited to be back up here to finish school, I will be graduating this December and Ryan is planning on graduating the following December. Our semester is full of classes so we are going to become super busy. Its great to be back! :)